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Design in practice is a philosophy and analytical-constructive approach to Ana’s work in seminars, presentations, residencies and consultations.

As an educator, Ana’s primary focus is to research and lecture on the ‘effects of design on learning’, specifically on the materials, functionality and conventions of educational spaces for young children.
She examines both concrete and abstract aspects of generic interior-spatial design in this context: zones of activity, passivity and rest; individual experiences and group dynamics; physical flow and circumstantial constraints or opportunities; positive and negative spaces, ambient emotional cues, surface/object textures and colours, light and sound (acoustics) etc. What emerges from this approach is an holistic understanding of a learning environment, one characterized by the interdependence of elements in a physical space, the people, and the curriculum.

The practical outcome of Ana’s research and presentations is to discover what is working well with a given space, and to otherwise offer constructive feedback on how to improve and enhance the children’s and educators’ overall experience.


North Shore Conference, ECEBC Conference, Heart of the Matter Conference, Preschool Promenade Conference, Wonder of Learning Exhibit, Lower Mainland CCRRs, Vancouver and Burnaby School District, UBC Child Care Services, YMCA, YWCA, UBC Department of Education, Vancouver Community College, MTI Community College, BCIT.


Encounters with Places

Dwellings, ArtStarts Gallery (2014/2015)




As an artist in residence, I had the opportunity to propose two inquiry based projects. Projects explored the theme of Sense of Place and both children and adults were able to engage with the materials that facilitated deep engagement with the topic and an emergence of spatial awareness as well as the critical reflection in relation to the effects of space on ways of being in both social and learning context.