ANA VOJNOVIC is an educator, graphic artist and designer. Her pedagogical and creative practices are an integrated interdisciplinary response to questions of how built/designed environments affect and condition human perception, our responses to designed circumstances and the ways in which we engage with each other. Walking, looking and responding viscerally and emotionally to urban construction and demolition, to architectural details, to spaces within and around buildings — this is her core subject. Her work is foremost a kind of experiential reportage, a ‘derive’ with the digital camera as a sensor that captures, dissects, and rebuilds the imagery of the urban environment in a way that is analogous to the dislocations and disruptions of the artist’s experience. Techniques of cropping, image density/transparency, layering, inversion and distortion reinvigourate a banal architectural vocabulary with a new semiotic energy. The resulting imagery she produces suggests a metaphorical dimension somewhere at the intersection of a geometrical folly, a digital-constructivist fantasy and a virtual ruin of an idea unbuilt somewhere in ‘the cloud’. As social commentary, Ana’s work responds to the overwhelming recurrence of urban rebuilding in our era by posing a philosophical-political question: how is our sensibility affected when the energy, intensity and the mutability of ‘outside’ slips inevitably through our senses to ‘inside’ our self-awareness? Can photo/graphic imagery positively express or reflect what may be felt as a symptom of internal disruption?  What are the unconscious effects of design decisions, including the removal and remaking of existing architectures, within our civic spaces? Do such decisions encode a cultural mode of specific conformity, if not an abstract frame for behaviours permitted, prohibited or inconceivable?